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Hand in hand with the main leading manufacturers of hardware and software, we put the best service and the best solutions within the reach of large companies and end users.

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Businesses are constantly evolving, and the demand for and dependence on computer systems grows exponentially. We allow you to dedicate yourself to your main activity while we manage your infrastructure and your equipment.


For freelancers, companies and shops: from servers, equipment and networks to own tools according to sectors, such as TPv’s, video surveillance systems or approved time control.


At SATMATIC we work daily hand in hand with the best current SOFTWARE manufacturers, and we make them available to our clients hand in hand with our technical service, to get the most out of them. We are currently partners with…


Through a network of servers accessible from any geographical point and publicly or privately, cloud servers allow any type of task to be carried out: from storing files to running applications remotely or providing online services.

Internet services

A correct digital presence is essential today. A professional image, an elaborate and defined communication for your target audience, and a positioning strategy are some of the main tools to fully enter communication and online sales.


When in doubt about how to proceed in relation to your business’s computer system, consult professionals in the sector. An adequate computer system, in correct operation and with adequate maintenance, is key to meeting objectives and creating professional advantages over your competition.